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DDT Generator
The new version of the DDT Generator is now in testing and can be accessed from here:-

At the moment this is still using the 2006 data but has some additional functionality and should be updated with the 2007 data once testing is complete.

Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions on this new version.

The old version can still be downloaded from here.


EDT Generator
This program lets you create EDT files for Football Manager 2006/2007. It supports the following commands:-
  • Boost Team
  • Stadium Change For Competition
  • Swap Teams
  • International Retirement
  • Future Regen
  • Future Transfer

There is now a minor update to this that has a small bugfix and support for Unicode which allows for accented characters.

Latest version 0.5.1


French (version 0.4.2)

Note that the DDT Generator and the EDT Generator both require the .Net Framework to run.
[NEW] I've put together a FAQ about using LNC files with Football Manager. These files let you change names and team colours and are particularly useful as they generally work with existing games as well as new ones. Very helpful if you've added something incorrectly with the editor and don't want to start a new game!
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