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LNC files are similar to EDT and DDT files in that they change how FM behaves using commands in a text file, there are two major differences. Firstly LNC files are mainly used by SI to change things that they can't legally have in their games (the most famous of these is probably Jens Mustermann, aka Oliver Kahn)., therefore they don't support the use of these files for any use (make up your own mind as to why these files exist at all...). The second difference is that the commands don't just effect new games, but can change things in existing games. There are many commands available in LNC files, however they can be grouped as follows:-

Name Changes
Gender Changes (for languages which use genders)
Fake Teams
Colour Changes

The files also support comments, anything following a # will be ignored by FM.

How to create LNC files

LNC files reside in the "data\db\lnc\all" directory and since they are simply text files can be created and edited with Notepad or any other text editor. As the name suggests the file extension for LNC files is ".lnc". When saving a new file in Notepad change the "Save as Type" to "All Files" otherwise Notepad will add the extension ".txt" to the name you enter.

Name Changes

There are a number of commands that will change the name of items in the game. The basic name change command will change the name of virtually anything in the game (apart from people). The syntax is:-

"NAME_CHANGE" <ID> "<New Name>" "<Language>"

The ID is obviously the ID number of the item you wish to change which can be obtained from the game or the editor. The language is the language the change is for, for English use "" for other languages use the name of the language in English.

N.B. Some IDs apply to multiple items in the database, e.g. 45 applies to South Africa and the Scottish Premier League. For this reason it it better to use one of the following commands where possible rather than this generic command:-


All of these commands use the same basic syntax as the "NAME_CHANGE" command.


#Change the name of PSG in English
"CLUB_NAME_CHANGE" 868 "Paris Saint Germain" ""

#Change the name of the Italian Serie A in Italian

#Change the name of Spain in English
"NATION_NAME_CHANGE" 796 "España" ""

#Change the name of the name of the Stadio Meazza in English
"STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE" 1205 "San Siro" ""

Player Name Changes

The player name change command works slightly differently due to the need to change more than one name. It also is language independent. This command will also change the names of other people in the database, e.g. coaching staff. The syntax is:-

"CHANGE_PLAYER_NAME" <ID> "<First Name(s)>" "<Nickname>" "<Surname>"


#Change Christian Vieri's name to include his nickname
"CHANGE_PLAYER_NAME" 3801524 "Christian" "Bobo" "Vieri"

Gender Changes

The gender name change commands can be used to change the gender of a name and are generally used in conjunction with the name change commands. The basic command is "GENDER_CHANGE", however there are specific commands for individual item types like the name changes. The syntax is:-

"GENDER_CHANGE" <ID> <Gender Change> "<Language>"

The gender change is numeric and the value depends on the language you are changing it for. For examples see the france.lnc file that is included with the game.

Fake Teams


With clubs you can use the command "RANDOMISE_TEAM" which causes the game to create random players for a specified team when creating a new game. The syntax is:-



#Make Milan's team random

Note that the "random" players generated will seem rather familiar...


With nations you use the "FAKE_NATIONAL_TEAM" command. This forces the nation specified to only pick fake "greyed out" players and also makes them unplayable for human managers. The syntax is:-

"FAKE_NATIONAL_TEAM" <ID> <On or Off 0|1>

Ending the line with 0 turns the command off and 1 turns it on.


#Causes England to use fake players

Colour Changes

The colour change command effects both nations and clubs. The syntax is:-

"COLOUR_CHANGE" <ID> <Kit 0|1|2> <R 0-255> <G 0-255> <B 0-255> <R 0-255> <G 0-255> <B 0-255>

The kit is either the first (0), second (1) or third (2). The RGB figures are the first and second colour of the kit. You can work out what these values are for a particular colour in most image editing programs (including Paint).


#Make Manchester United play in pink and purple with their first kit.
"COLOUR_CHANGE" 680 0 255 174 215 128 0 255


If you have any questions regarding this FAQ please feel free to contact me.
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